hi, i'm julia. and i write stuff

I'm not a flamingo but the photo looked kinda nice and i keep breaking stuff in webflow so it was safer to leave it...

The short version
I seem to be a magnet for funny stories and strange men, and it was taking too long to update my friends on WhatsApp. In the six years I've been living abroad, I've also picked up the odd expat and travel tip. And people keep asking me how to go zero waste or vegan.

Basically that's how this messy mash-up of a blog was born.

The long version
Born in Scotland. Left at 17 to study languages. Flitted about Europe for bit. Interlude in Glasgow when I got arthritis and watched a lot of box sets.

Went back to Germany as a translator. Almost opened a packaging-free shop, realised it cost 100,000 EUR and swiftly reconsidered. Got fed up of German red tape and -19°C winters so waved goodbye to my belongings and headed for a country I'd never visited before and where I didn't even know the words for 'yes' and 'no'.

Ended up being an accidental digital nomad (not the wanky kind) and lived out a suitcase for a year. Fell in love with Lisbon and the Argentine tango scene. Still here.

business enquiries

I'm happy to accept payment rather than just giggles or "that was useful". If you want me to write for your magazine or your brand, drop me a message.

Especially interested in collaborating with vegan and sustainable brands and ethical travel companies.